Lions and Leopards

They study the loins

of lions and leopards.

how these lie in wait for the herds

then circle round them in chase

till they've cut one off from the rest

and then, in a pack of their own,

pounce upon the hapless one.


See how they focus on the kill

the lion's jaws upon the bison's throat

throttling it with professional skill.

What do they care about

the bloodiness of it all, guts spilled

across the screen.

What's essential to them is what's seen.


And who's to parry the obscene?

You, gazelle, be quick on your feet!

Do not forever be in retreat

but do not, like the bison, roar.

Graze on.  Then with the given

grace of your lord and maker

slake them, slay them, and never waver.




March 23, 2003



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