I discovered God.

He'd walked

in strange ways

through my soul

until it gave,

in tears disgorging Him.


Quite used to lighting

candles in the dark,

I've been blinded

by the whiteness since,

and have held Him

in my breath,

not daring to let go.


And so, you see, the silence

which I ask you to forgive.

Let me nurture

His magnificence

one moment more

in my heart,

so it too may shine.




October 4, 1990





Nota Bene

When I was born again on March 3, 1990, God made his miracles manifest to me in the most wondrous ways.  I was so overwhelmed by them that I resolved to know this awesome God: I read the Good News Bible, which had been given to me by the prioress of the Congregation of Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception (CFIC) while I was in prison from 1984-86, but which I had never finished beyond Numbers or Deuteronomy. October 6, the date I wrote this poem, was just a few weeks after I had completed reading Revelation (for I had read the Bible cover to cover, with all my heart, mind, soul and strength, as an angel who had come to my gate to teach me how to study it had advised).

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