In Tagaytay is what is called the "People's Park in the Sky."  It's an allegory of the insults that the corrupt have heaped upon my people through the years, these last five especially.

The "People's Park in the Sky" was the Marcoses' "Palace in the Sky" until it was sequestered after the EDSA revolt.

When I first saw it sometime in the 1990s, it was still fairly intact with its thick carpets and baroque furniture, the whole concept being a reflection of Imelda Marcos' nouveau riche taste.

Today, it is nothing but a rusting shell, at least two of its roof girders swaying dangerously in the strong high-altitude winds, its upper stories used for communication towers and antennae, one component of which hangs by a tenuous wire, threatening to fall anytime.

But they still call it "People's Park in the Sky," demanding PhP15 of every pedestrian who treads heavily to the top.  This is how they insult my people.  I don't care if they're insulting Imelda in showing her what a dinky structure she built, but I care about how crassly they're telling my people that THEIR park, supposed to be, IN THE SKY, moreover, is nothing but a rotting empty shell, stripped bare by thieves, to which entry must even cost them some.

Let me puke.  Let me puke at the corrupt, the lawless of the land.

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