I started using still and film cameras at a very young age with equipment lent or given to me by my brother and sister, respectively. The experience taught me to love and appreciate images; as a result, at the tender age of 16, I asked my Dad to send me to Film School. Fearing for my safety, however, he did not allow me to take Film at the University of California, the only known film school in the world in the sixties, despite his friend and co-Philippine Center for Language Study director Don Bowen's willingness to help me. 

In 1988, after almost 25 years of doing other things, I decided to launch a new career in video documentaries.  Sometime in the midst of it, however, the Lord told me to go back to my writing.  I had to, after a lot of hemming and hawing--rather, He forced me, so I had no choice.  This, of course, is without regrets, because He always knows best, and I know that from hindsight. 

But now I feel that the Lord is not against my photography or videography anymore, having taught me sufficiently in the art of eschewing the carnal.  And so I'm back to it, in tandem with my writing.

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